Food distribution is an essential element of Krsna Consciousness. Not only are the devotees instructed to prepare and offer sumptuous foodstuffs to the Lord, taking only His remnants as their own eatables, they are also requested to liberally distribute Krsna prasadam to all other persons.
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ISKCON of Silicon Valley has formed a non profit, nonsectarian charitable food distribution program named “Free Veg Meals for all”. This project is working to conquer hunger in neighboring places of ISV by engaging volunteers and qualified cooks to prepare and distribute sumptuous, nutritious, freshly-prepared vegetarian meals to all, regardless of cast, creed or religion.

Activities of Free Veg Food for all

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We distribute prasadam after temple services on Sunday, Saturday and Wednesday. Anyone who walks our temple gets Full plate of vegetarian meal irrespective of any background. This programs helps feeding the rich , poor and does not discriminates anyone and is open for all.

Please support this cause so we can feed thousands of people through this campaign.
Steve Jobs once mentioned this program that he use to walk 6 miles every Sunday to get a Full meal every Sunday in his earlier days.

We try to use milk in our food distribution from cows that are in our farm at Watsonville and they are not mistreated and slaughtered and we enable them to live a full natural life as this is our moral and ethical obligation.


We provide educational tours on the farm and familiarize the students with various aspects to pick up fruits, vegetables and get natural milk. for details visit

Donate and Volunteer and change others’ life today

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Feeding is not a charity. It’s our obligation. It’s our duty.
Several concerned citizens have resolved to join hands, to ensure that no one should ever go hungry. Be proud to become one of them.
You can help by donation and by your voluntary services to help distribute food.

You can donate using

For more information please contact the following address:
1965 Latham Street
Mountain View, CA
94040 USA