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“The result one obtains by giving ten thousand cows in charity can be obtained by offering only one tulasi leaf to the Supreme Lord during the month of Kārttika.” (7.335)

We welcome you to ISV this week for our first set of Kartik lecures. Come spend your evenings in Shravanam and Kirtanam during this very auspicious month of Kartik when even a little service earns us huge spiritual benefits.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8TH – The ABCs of Krishna Consciousness – HG. Balimardana Prabhu

ABCOver time being Krishna Conscious becomes a regluar part of our life, but it’s always good to take time to review the basics and remind ourselves of why we do what we do. What are the ABCs of Krishna Consciousness? Come and join us as we go through them all with his grace Balimardhan prabhu and get spiritually ready to keep our Kartik vratas.

Most of one’s progress in life and work come from the kind of habits one develops.Careful practice of the most basic bhakti practices –accompanied by hard work, sacrifice and discipline — lead to grand success.

– H.G. Vaisesika Prabhu

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th – What Prahalad learnt in the womb

PrahladAfter instructing his class mates, the sons of the demons, Prahlada Maharaja clears the doubts raised by them, by explaining how within the womb of his mother he had heard the science of Krishna Consciousness from Narada Muni. In this class we will study the 7th chapter of the 7th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

Speaker: H.G Vrindavana Priya Prabhu

7.00 am: Guru Puja

7.30 – 10.00 am: Brahma Samhita recitation followed by ‘What Prahalad Maharaj learnt in the womb’ and then prasadam.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 12th – Glories of Kartik

DamodarThe month of Kartik is very dear to the deovtees. It is said in the Padma Purana: “A person who offers a lamp to the Lord during the month of Kartik, attains the spiritual world where there is no suffering.”

In today’s lecture, we will learn all about the auspicious month of Kartik, its spiritual benefits and ways in which we can make maximum use of this wonderful month to help purifiy ourselves and strengthen our devotional practices.

We will also learn about special mantras that we can recite during this month and their benefits.

4:30 to 6pm Talk by His Grace Balimardana Prabhu
6:00pm Sandhya Aartik along with lighting of ghee lamps
7:00pm Prasadam

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Take the ‘Kartik 2014 – CHAD challenge’

Kartik CHAD aims to inspire every intelligent human being to read one chapter of Bhagavad Gita every day during the all-auspicious Kartik month from 08 Oct 2014 to 06 Nov 2014. CHAD founder H.G Vaisesika Prabhu recommends Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 15.

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